Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Long time no post....

So it's time for a looong post ;)

Things have been very crazy around here. It's been a real hell of a couple months.

It all started about a week before we moved....
A close family member announced that he had prostate cancer and would be undergoing surgery in a week. Thankfully, the surgery went well and seems to have been very successful. It was still quite the bombshell at the time.

Then we moved. It went pretty smoothly. One of G's friend's and his father helped load and unload the van which went quickly. We've gotten things into their rooms and the important stuff set up. We've made a couple trips to IKEA to fill in some holes ;) We finally got a new vaccuum which seems to be pretty good. I'm LOVING the king size mattress, which finally has a bed to rest in. Katie loves her new bed, although she's only actually spent two whole nights in it.

Then Katie came down with her first ear infection. It was very sudden and I was on the way to drop her and Max off while I taught lessons. She was pretty upset and screaming and crying in pain and I didn't know what to do because she's never had one before. I ended up having to cancel most of my lessons and was able to get an emergency appt with the ND, which was awesome because we were right near her and she'd never seen Katie before (just Max) but still agreed. Otherwise we would have had to drive about an hour + in rush hour traffic to see someone at her old ped's office since her ped (who we love and is worth the drive) is in the process of switching offices.

Then one afternoon, Max woke up from his nap and was breathing funny. At first I thought he was straining to poop, but soon realized it seemed like he was having trouble breathing. It sounded shallow and labored and he fell asleep an hour later and I started getting worried. I called the ped's office and talked with the on call dr. who wasn't very helpful at all. When he woke up he had a few spells of being his normal happy self even though his breathing was still off. And he was nursing well and ate vigorously off my plate so I decided to play the waiting game. I watched him like a hawk and slept terribly that night because I was worrying. I got up around 7am and found myself engorged for the first time since he was born (I didn't even get engorged when he was a newborn and my milk was coming in) and realized he hadn't nursed most of the night. So I went and pumped 5oz quickly (another unusual occurance for me, usually that would be a huge struggle) and stopped only because the bottle was full and I couldn't find any others that fit the pump. At about 8am the next morning decided we needed to take him in because he was sounding wheezy. I tried the ND first, but the office didn't open until 9am and so while we were waiting for her callback, we decided to head for the Children's Medical Center since it was the closest thing we knew of and had heard horror stories about the closest hospital (which we didn't even know how to get to anyways). Of course when we looked outside it was snowing and the roads were in terrible condition. There ended up being over 300 accidents that morning throughout the state (keep in mind how tiny CT is now) because of the bad weather. So we headed out as fast as we could, slowing periodically when we started sliding all over. The ND called just as we were pulling into the lot and reccommended an alternative drug to what she suspected they'd give Max.
I took Max in and because of the weather, the ER was empty and we were brought back immediately without having to sign in. They took his vitals and found his oxygen levels were low. They put us in a room and gave him some breathing treatments. They didn't stock the drug the ND suggested so we ended up with the albuterol which did indeed make him jittery. It raised his oxygen levels for a while. Then they did an RSV test which involved shoving a tube up his nose and collecting mucus. He didn't like that one either. He finally nursed for the first time that morning during the breathing treatment though. Then we waited some more and then went for a chest xray. Another non-fun event for poor little Max. When we got back from that, his oxygen levels were low again so they gave him another breathing treatment. Then they told us that he'd tested positive for bronchiolitis/RSV and the chest xray confirmed it and that we'd be admitted because his levels were consistently low and they were worried about bacterial pneumonia setting in or apnea from the low oxygen levels.

So we were admitted fairly quickly and got a private room with a bathroom and all. They didn't bug us too much up there, mostly just observation. Although they had the uncanny ability to sense when he'd just fallen asleep and chose that moment to come take his vitals. We stayed overnight and he slept next to me on the tiny foldout couch/bed instead of in the crib. Nobody minded or gave us any trouble. They kept pushing tylenol to lower his fever, but it was only 101.8 at it's highest so I kept declining. It was very sad for me because it was the first night I'd ever been away from Katie. She did well though and kept saying sweet things. G brought her by a few times while we were there and she liked the 'aquarium room' because she's into fish tanks now.

They discharged us the next night and I was sooo happy to be home. We got into see the ND the next day and got a crazy list of things to do. Mustard packs, garlic poultices, tinctures, vitamins A&C, zinc, ear drops, etc. It turns out he had thrush and an ear infection on top of the bronchiolitis. When it rains it pours, eh? I cleared our schedules for the immediate future and we hung out here while I tried my best to keep up with everything. It was really tough to get the tincture and vitamins into him because he didn't like them. He seemed to be improving. They said it could take anywhere from 5-10 days for the virus to run it's course and 2-3 weeks before his breathing returned to normal. I had no clue what to make of that.

He kept going back and forth for about a week. One day he'd seem so much better and be playing like his normal self. Then he would get really sleepy. One day he slept most of the day and then around 7pm he woke up with a 104.5 fever. Our ND (have I mentioned how lucky we are to see her?) let us come over to her home so she could check him out and listen to his lungs (which are actually sounding much better, yay!) but when we went home, it went back and forth a little and finally hit 105.2 at which time we gave him an acetaminophin suppository (why do they have to flavor all the infant drops???) which brought it down to the 103-104 range and he was much more playful.

The next day we had a follow up at his ped's office. They did a chest xray which showed he had bacterial pneumonia. When will this poor boy get a break???? We started antibiotics (which does wonders for thrush) and I think the only thing keeping me from completely losing it was the fact that I was just too exhausted to. I just wanted to cry.

Oh yes, he was teething on top of all this. So to run through the list, he had RSV, ear infections in both ears, thrush, bacterial pneumonia and was teething.

And *why* do ALL children's medicines have flavoring??? Don't allergic kids get sick too??? The antibiotics were flavored with several things Max shouldn't have as well as ASPARTAME. Because pneumonia isn't bad enough, we need to load him up with crap that he shouldn't have to get the medicine he NEEDS in.

Sooo, we thought Max was getting better and all was well but haha, the joke was on us. Would you care to guess what's scarier than bacterial pneumonia? Anaphalactic shock. Yes, Max is allergic to penicillin (he was taking amoxicillin) and we found out the hard way. But really, at this point, what were we expecting? It made perfect sense.

Throughout the whole ordeal, his eczema wasn't flaring up at all. And it's flared up a little since he's been better, but seems to be pretty calm. We've added back a couple foods to our diets too. Avocadoes, garlic (noticing the guacamole theme? hehe), pears, sheep yogurt and cheese, water buffalo yogurt and cheese, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and rice to name a few. We're giving him a tincture to help clear up the residue in his lungs which also helps his digestion. He's also taking dairy-free bifidis to help repopulate the good bacteria in his gut and permeability factors to help heal his gut. And vitamin C and zinc to help keep him healthy. If I can find my camera, I'll share some photos.


Blogger kris said...

oh my god.

Feel better little man. Feel better, soon!

8:24 PM  
Blogger Hula said...

Hi there,
Just came across your blog and curious how your little man is doing now? Out little girl is 1 and is still going through her eczema hell... just looking to see if there's some hope out there x


2:17 PM  
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