Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cod Liver Oil

We have recently made the great discovery that cod liver oil does wonders for Max's skin. I was reluctant to try at first because I'd tried taking fish oil myself with little to no results in Max, and I didn't want another pretty little expensive bottle to add to our collection of Things That Do Not Help Max and Will Be Forever After Collecting Dust Because They're Too Expensive To Throw Away.

I'm so glad we did because it has helped tremendously. I've been giving it to him for about a week now and his skin is softer and retaining moisture better. His legs are no longer dry and are almost completely clear and his face, which had been flaring up pretty bad with the winter weather, is much softer and less red. I'm so impressed with the results that I've started taking it myself (yuck!!!) to help with my dry winter skin. His hair even seems softer and shinier. And the kicker? He absolutely *loves* the stuff! I have trouble prying the dropper from his clamped jaws. I think that's a sign that it's something he needs since babies haven't learned to suppress their cravings.

We also think that something G is using (a new deodorant is our top suspect) is causing Max to flare up because he keeps getting red and itchy around G and then it calms down once he's been back with me a while.

And getting back to the CLO, when I took Max's clean diapers out of the dryer this morning, they smelled like the CLO. Anybody know how to get fishy smell out? Ewwww.....