Thursday, September 15, 2005

Monthly Update

I mean to keep updating regularly, but seem to get around to it only about once a month...

Things are going pretty well with Max's eczema. It's steadily, though slowly, getting better and better. The backs of his legs and arms aren't scaly anymore, they're soft, like normal skin. They're still a little darker, but I suspect that will go away. He has occasional flare ups, but nothing like what they used to be. And the flare ups are getting less and less severe.

I'm still on the rotation diet which seems to be working for us. I'm still dying for a pizza, but can deal. I've given Max a few tastes of banana, sweet potatoes, carrots, canteloupe and seaweed. I think the flax seeds I've been using in my pancakes have been causing some slight flare ups so I'm cutting those out, as well as garbanzo beans (and flour) which somehow slipped onto my safe list, but was not tested so I can't be certain. I have added coffee back and figured out that the instant coffee we use doesn't cause a reaction, but the brewed one does. I'm sooo happy to have coffee back.

Sorry to not be more exciting but I'd like to get into more of a groove with posting to this blog so I'm just going to put this out there. Check back soon, I have pictures to scan ;)