Wednesday, August 10, 2005


My mother was just diagnosed with eczema today. She has a flare up on her neck. How weird is it that after all these years, she's just diagnosed with it now?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What a day!

I was surprised to find myself in a pretty crappy mood when I woke up last Tuesday. I thought I'd be excited about all we had planned for the day, but I just couldn't shake my aggravation. And it was beautiful out too! I'd been keeping the house spotless for the past couple days and suddenly it had exploded overnight. I have no clue how. Max was extra clingy so I couldn't get anything done. Then we left for the appointment. I was still in a bad mood in the car but at least we were running early(by some miracle!).

As I was waiting to turn to find parking, we were rear-ended.

Just great. We haven't had this car for 3 months yet and already a crash. Luckily everyone was ok. I was worried for a while though because short of obvious physical injuries, such as ones spewing blood, how do you know if a non-verbal 8 month old is injured? We exchanged insurance information with the other driver, who was apologizing profusely, and I checked out the back of the van. It didn't look bad from a distance, but the bumper was pushed in and up a bit blocking the trunk door from opening and closing. So now the back hatch is permanently open which the car tells me everytime I start moving by beeping annoyingly.

So we found a parking space and went in to the appointment. The results were actually in. What a crazy little list. Max's blood reacted to:
bean, green
bean, yellow wax
brussels sprouts
egg whites
cow's milk

Basically, he's reacting to most of the foods I'm eating now. I think that he got sensitized to them because they were all that was left after eliminating so much. I have a theory that his liver is a little sluggish because it took unusually long for his hematoma to go away after birth (rough train of thought to how I'm making connections: hematomas~jaundice~liver) and because he had such a positive reaction to the sarsaparilla (purifies blood and detoxes the liver) and now I'm thinking that it's not clearing the proteins out of his system as quickly as normal and so they build up and he gets sensitized easily. Does that make any sense or am I a complete loon?

So now I'm on a 4 day rotation diet using the foods that tested safe. There's a bit more variety, but it's tough to come up with enough ideas for 4 days worth of different stuff. I can eat goat and sheep milk products so I get to eat some cheese! I'm hoping to get some goat mozzerella from a shop that makes their own cheese so I can make a pizza. At the least I know they have parmesan from sheep milk so I can have my rice pasta with sauce and parmesan.

The little things that bring such joy.....

Oh yes, as I almost completely forget the most important part. It's now been a week since the appointment and Max's skin is looking really good. I'm holding my breath because everytime it gets clear, it flares up again. It feels different somehow this time. I suppose because we're not relying on a cream. Although I did get my fun package of herbs today and got the crockpot all ready to make up a batch of salve tomorrow.

And on another good note, things are going pretty smoothly with the other guy's insurance company. We have an appointment to get the van fixed and they said they'd reimburse us for new carseats which is awesome because we spent the big $$ for the Britax seats because car safety is very important to us and we really don't have the money to replace them ourselves. Now to see how it goes tomorrow when I call to discuss the issue of a rental car for the week the van is in the shop.....

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wish us luck!

Well today's the day. Or at least it's supposed to be. I'm not nearly as excited or hopeful as I was for the previous two visits. On the bright side, I won't completely break down if there's some strange turn of events that prevent us from knowing yet again.

Max has been continuing to look better this past week. He was a bit itchy yesterday and the day before because the day before I had a tiny bit of coffee. I'm quite sure at this point that coffee is a strict no-no. That's what experience is telling me. Last time I tried coffee, it was decaf and I noticed a flare up/increased itchiness so I don't think it's a fluke. Unfortunately. Man, I could use a coffee right about now.

I'll try to update tonight, but my friend is coming in from out of town and staying over so we'll see how much time I get versus how much there is to write about versus how excited I am about the news....

Oh, I forgot to mention that I ordered the herbs and supplies to try to make my own sarsaparilla cream. I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs which is supposed to ship promply within 24 hours so now I go running to the window panting with excitement everytime I hear a truck go by the house. I know it's early since I didn't spring for 2 or 3 day delivery, but I'm hopelessly impatient when it comes to packages so I'll continue to stalk. Besides, I'm also expecting a nice big package of yarn ;)