Saturday, July 30, 2005

Creams and dreams

We ran out of the zarzaparilla a couple weeks ago. My MIL sent two more even tinier bottles and this batch doesn't seem to be working as well. Max would scream every time I tried to put it on his face. So I'm holding off on the zarzaparilla for now.

But in good news, the ND gave us a (*very expensive* even after we were given a supposed discount of almost 50%!) bottle of calendula cream that has been working slowly but surely. I was skeptical at first having tries two other calendula creams with no results, but this one seems to be doing the trick. He still flares up every now and then but the general progress is towards his skin clearing up. And while he still rubs his face occasionally now, I think it's more because he's tired or playing games as opposed to insane itching.

I've also taken it upon myself to test the waters with reintroducing a few things and so far tomatoes, lemons and avocados seem to be ok. It may not sound like much, but it really opens up the range of flavors. And I'm quite handy with garbanzo and tapioca flours. I finally mastered pizza dough (although I still can't put cheese on it lol) and some crispy tortillas. And now with lemon I can make some hummus. And even though I strongly suspect wheat is a culprit and alcohol can't be great, I've been able to have a beer or two ;)

So I'm in good spirits looking ahead to Tuesday. Even if the appointment goes poorly, one of my best friends is coming to visitfor a couple days so that'll be fun. More fun if I can celebrate eating though! And most importantly if we can celebrate *knowing* what we can do to stop it from the source. It sounds too good to be true....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The saga continues...

I haven't been up to updating this lately. My spirit is a little broken. I made it through those 2.5 weeks like the good little trooper I am only to be crushed.

Apparently through some huge misunderstanding the food allergy test was never done. We went to the appointment and I was so excited to get answers. We talked with the ND for a little and finally I couldn't wait any longer and asked about the results. She flipped through Max's file and said they weren't there. I found that strange because when I'd spoken to the lab, they'd said they'd sent them. She called the lab to check and they were out to lunch. So I left with the promise they'd call as soon as they heard back from the lab.

Juuuussst great.

That was NOT how that was supposed to go. I was near tears leaving without answers. I broke down in the car. This probably sounds dramatic, but the stress was just overwhelming.

Halfway home, I got a call from the ND's office saying that there were no results because the test had not been done. I didn't understand why the hell not? She asked if I'd sent in the box. Box? Nobody in the previous 2 months when I thought this test was being done had mentioned a box. Not the ND office, not the insurance company, not the lab where we had his blood drawn. How did this not get mentioned???? It turns out I was supposed to have received a box with a kit because I was supposed to send the blood to a different lab in Florida for the food allergy test. And the icing on the cake? Our insurance didn't cover it after all.

Sooooo our increasingly lovely Friday continued on. By this time it was raining nice and hard. I returned home but had to go back to the ND office after the receptionist's lunch break to pick up the Box. Made a very dissappointing lunch of the 3 main ingredients I'm allowed to eat, laughed a little, cried a little, loaded everyone back in the car and headed out.

We were lucky enough to get a parking space on the street across from the entrance. But as we crossed the road, Katie tripped and skinned her knee. I carried both babies the rest of the way trying to keep everyone as dry as possible and soothe her at the same time. We got the now infamous box and a bandage for Katie's bloody knee and headed back out into the rain.

Next stop was the lab. They remembered us and seemed almost as confused as me about why we were back so soon and why the other test hadn't been done. This blood draw went much smoother than last time. Then we went out to wait for them to prepare the sample to be sent to the other lab in Florida.

I nursed Max and then called up the insurance company to try to figure out if they'd cover it. They kept talking about a code but nobody could tell me what the code was. I went back and forth between the ND office, lab and insurance trying to settle things and finally found out that it wasn't covered so I had to pay the $273. It sucked, but if we finally get some answers, it'll be more than worth it.

There was one really cool thing happened. I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a very long time and we got to catch up a little and got together the next week.

So to sum up this long post, we still don't know anything. Our next appointment is scheduled for August 2nd and they *should* have the results by then. I'm starting to think we'll never get any answers though....