Thursday, June 09, 2005

Track Marks

I'm finally catching up to where we are right now. Yesterday we got the form for the allergy testing in the mail (insurance issues) and were able to go in to the lab to get his blood drawn. There were several tests ordered including CBC, thyroid function, lead levels and the biggie: IgG. This is the one where they'll test for 115 different foods.

The techs were very friendly and great with both babies. Still, it's really tough to watch. They lined up 6-8(!) or so vials. I'm not sure on the exact number, but it sure looked like a lot. Everything started moving in slow motion as the needle came toward his arm. I never realized how big the opening was before. I'd debated beforehand whether to nurse him through it or immediately after and decided that I didn't want the experience associated with nursing and held off. I held him tight and he didn't even flinch as it went in. Brave baby! They had a tough time getting the blood flowing at first but soon it started moving. Then he started to get upset. That actually helped for a little bit. After a few vials they switched to his other arm. That sucked. But soon it was all over. There's now some bruising on his left arm though. He looks like one of those bad boy baby junkies. Poor li'l guy! The way I figure it, a couple needle pricks are nothing compared to the chronic agony he's in now.


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