Thursday, June 23, 2005

The results are in!

I decided that since the ND is going to be out of town next week I'd see if the lab could send another copy to Max's pediatrician. I called them and they said according to state law they couldn't unless the dr who ordered them ordered a carbon copy to be sent to them. So I was going to call the ND's office to see but before hanging up thought I'd ask if the results were ready. They were! Would the ND have them now? Yes.


So I called the ND's office but there was no answer. The machine picked up but I decided to call back until I got a real person. I called a couple more times but after getting the machine each time, finally decided to leave a message since I had to go out. I listened to the message and it turns out that her vacation started today.


We were *this* close to getting some answers (again!) but now we still have to wait until at least Tuesday July 5. And that would be for just a phone call. Bleh. And of course since the office is closed, I can't ask for them to be sent to his GP. Somebody has such a sick sense of humor.

But in happier news, when we went to Katie's soccer today everyone was commenting on how much better he looks. And right now he's even flaring up a bit, especially on his face. It might have something to do with the fever he had earlier in the week since I've heard that the stress of an illness can bring on a flare up.


Blogger kris said...

UGH! Can't you catch a break? Sorry you missed the ND, I hope it goes by fast.

8:49 PM  
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